The nomad lifestyle


After spending more then 50 days travelling I’m starting to get comfortable with the digital nomad lifestyle.

I realised that this is something that I’ve been doing for years and that I’ve actually spent most of my trips this way.

I always spent time coding whether I hung out with friends in the US or  spent time surfing in Indonesia or when visiting my dad in New Zealand.

The perks of doing this as a digital nomad is that supposedly you get people to pay you for your work.

Right now I’m enjoying spending my time learning new things. I’ve coded a bunch of iOS applications and I’m working on finding the perfect setup for my own Ubuntu servers. I would also like to spend some time giving back to the community and teach others how to get started with coding and being a digital nomad.

But if you know someone who would need help with web development or iOS applications I would be glad to help them out.

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