Solve your problems through software, not code

I’ve noticed a problem that only seems to get worse with improved programming skills.

Solving all your problems through code.

I remember the day I suddenly got really productive with my software projects. It was the day that I realised that I should solve my problems through software, not code.

You should focus on solving problems any way you can and you should use any tools you find to solve your problem.

I’m not even sure the best programmers make the best startup founders. A friend of mine was amazed when I showed him how to view source code on a website. His startup just raised a million dollars.

There is nothing wrong with paying for software or using a plugin instead of building things yourself.

If you have a company and you are a programmer you can solve a lot of your problems on your own instead of throwing money at them. This doesn’t mean that you should.

The difference between being a good developer and a good entrepreneur

I love building things and I have a lot of side projects. This makes me improve as a developer. But it doesn’t make me any money.

What might make you a better developer in the long run might not be what your project needs in the short run. Your project needs to give information to your users. This is not as fun as writing code. But it probably is what you should be doing.

WordPress is a perfect example of this

I’ve met many developers who think that using WordPress is worse then building your own CMS. Because they think that purity of code is more important then getting information to users.

If you are building a website that will host content on the internet, WordPress is probably what you need.

People don’t care how the information got there. They care if they are reading something that is helpful to them.

IT stands for information technology and your goal is to give your users a ton of information. The more information you can give them the better.

Facebook and Instagram are hugely successful because they use IT to give their users an unlimited amount of information. They need to have complex IT because giving unlimited information to billions of users is hard.

You probably don’t. You need to give excellent information to thousands of users and the tools for that already exist. So focus on creating useful content instead of building new platforms.

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