How do we train the world simulator?

Listening to Yann LeCun. 
The biggest problem in AI today is how do we train the world simulator.
The world simulator Yann LeCun is referring to is the model of the world inside your mind that you use to make predictions. You also have a model of yourself and people and other abstractions, my favorite being your own models of your own computational models and rules you make for computations inside your mind. 
The trillion dollar question is, how do we best train these models?
This is such an interesting problem that I wanna spend a significant amount of time thinking about how we can solve it.
How do you train your model of the world?
A relevant question in life is, how do you best train these models? Meaning how can you optimise your learning and understanding of life?
This is a really interesting problem both for developing artificial intelligence and living your life in a good way.
You have absolute control of shaping your reality
What you decide the world to be shapes how you act in the world and you seem to have absolute control over shaping this abstraction of the world and the abstraction of your self.
Most people doesn’t seem to get this, which I find strange.
It is probably because their abstractions of the world are so closely tied to their self inside their mind that they can’t understand that they use abstractions when they think. I think that is kinda weird.
It is like a person arguing that you are something, because they want you to fit in a box in their mind. For me that is strange, because it is obvious that the box they want to put you in is an abstractions that removes variance. Because every person is actually unique and hard to pin down with simple categories.
The stimuli you experience is what shapes your view of the world but being a sentient being you have the power to shape that stimuli to be whatever you want.
So what should your world be?
I would argue that your world should be a place that you think is fairly good containing the highest amount of entropy (amount of disorder) you can handle without putting your life in danger or putting your mind in danger (through spending time with people who are too unstable).
Your task in life in life is to bring order out of chaos, and the best way to learn that is to put yourself in a position with high disorder and bring order in that environment.
A highly entropic experience is both work in emergency room, travelling the world and having a baby.
Stimuli and especially stimuli that is varied makes your brain compute more, and the more you compute, the more you learn (on average).
So telling you to find more entropy is the same as telling you, pick up the heaviest rock you can carry and carry it for the rest of your life. Meaning, try to do the hardest, most meaningful thing you can with your life.
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