The box

What is important to understand about the famous box that people think within and how to go outside of it.

First it is important to understand that the box is a hierarchical structure that is made through conventional wisdom and norms within a culture. What we believe to be correct at this point in time.

Most people carry an abstract representation of the box with them and it shapes their thinking to some degree.

A high dimensional representation of this box can be really useful which would be equivalent to knowing all the norms and rules within a society (think of a lawyer).

Thinking outside of this box could also be quite useful, because your ideas wouldn’t be hindered by previous knowledge (think of an artist).

So the million dollar question would be. Can’t we find a way to combine them?

I think the understanding that the entire thing is an abstract representation that you can use to compute things that are, at times, really useful and sometimes, not helpful at all might be a first step towards integrating these things.

The box is useful for fitting into organisations, incrementally improving and adopting a low risk strategy for life.

The box is awful for finding new knowledge and innovation because the area within the box is extremely well managed so it is much more likely that new innovations will come from what lies outside of the things we know.

So I think the best way to do it would be to find ways to integrate these ideas in your head.

Understanding that the world consists of hierarchical structures with rules that are made up but might be costly to break. It isn’t that any thing is good or bad, it’s more that it carries risk. Without any risk your life will be boring but safe and you will accomplish nothing and then die, with too much risk you will die or fail in a way that you will struggle to recover from. With just enough risk you will strive, partly because it will sharpen your senses but also because from a mathematical standpoint it is the most viable strategy.

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