When the model of the world breaks

“Some people are quite capable of seeing things they don’t understand and being okay with it. I wasn’t okay that something had violated my model of the world. I really am not okay with things that do that,” says Hinton.
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This is something I can relate to extremely well.
When I experience things in my life that violate my models of the world. I can’t help but explore it. I have to find the answer.
I spend all my time thinking until I have found models that are more accurate for describing the world. This can take years. But ultimately it gives me a better understanding of the world.
This is a great article about Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of artificial intelligence.
Who like me is both a psychologist and a computer scientist.
We’re machines,” says Hinton. “We’re just produced biologically.
For a long time I have been saying that emotions are hidden computation. It seems true to me and it helps bridge gaps in theories of how a mathematical mind would work.
You experience the world, you feel emotion as the unconscious processing inside your mind release neurotransmitters and you experience thought as the process of explaining these unconscious changes in neurotransmitters using your conscious model of the world.
I hope that the revolution within the field of artificial intelligence can reach back into the fields of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience to help make sense of our own understanding of the human mind.
It saddens me that such a large proportion of people on earth suffer because of the lack of scientific rigour within these fields.
Psychology suffers from the problem that most things are self-explanatory, psychiatry suffers from the problem of co-morbidity and neuroscience suffers from the lack of overarching theories and continuous re-inventions of the wheel.
I think that every human being should have a freedom to define him or herself as they see fit.

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