Here are a sample of projects I’ve been involved with.


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ADHDsupporten is a project that focus on giving individuals the tools needed to succeed with ADHD. The project collaborates with Karolinska Institute and Örebro University and helps students with neuropsychiatric disorders learn how to become top students in their fields.

In the project I’ve both made the websites for the project as well as written all the text and material. The course websites also features a tailor made WordPress site which acts as an online learning platform.


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Posttraumatiskstress.com is a portal that gives information to the public regarding posttraumatic stress disorder. The site is a good example of my commitment to social entrepreneurship and a SEO success story. The site is ranked nr#1 for key phrases and long-tail search phrases in the target category and has around 4000 unique visitors a month. The site also features a custom made online program built in wordpress that helps individuals deal with PTSD.


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Autonomous is a platform for treatment of depression built using the meteor.js framework and node.js. The site features routing and custom user accounts as well as integration with live chat with licensed therapists.


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Refugeetech is a NGO that works to help new immigrants in Sweden through the power of technology. I was chief technological officer on the project and used my expertise to give the project team the technology they needed to succeed. I also built the refugeetech.com website.


This year I did interesting work with an incredible non profit. 80 000 hours.

Their goal is to transform the way we work by making all us figure out how to make a greater positive impact within our career.

The founders of 80 000 hours are Oxford philosophers who thought about how to make the world a better place and figured out scientific solutions for solving world problems. They show that philosophy is an important field of study in the digital age that has the potential to shape all of our lives for the better.

They have a new book out that you can download that summarises their findings.


Here’s a quote from the book:

“There’s a growing body of evidence that helping others is a
key ingredient for life satisfaction. People who volunteer are
less depressed and healthier. A randomized study showed that performing a random act of kindness makes the giver happier. And a global survey found that people who donate to charity are as satisfied with their lives as those who earn twice as much.”

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I am a licensed psychologist by occupation. LVI Psykoterapi is the website of my private practice. The website is built using the twitter bootstrap framework with javascript and jquery for customization of forms.

Linux servers


Not all parts of web development becomes shiny projects for customers. Other parts are just as important but is never seen. This website is installed on an Ubuntu 14.04.3 and used Lets Encrypt to handle encryption.